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So, I think you are here because you feel pain because of a guy. You may have sorrow and anxiety of seeing him with another girl. Having no proper information about how it would be possible to become together with him again is another headache. In this article, I will share 4 fundamental steps that related with your inner world. These essential steps will assure whether you are ready to take correct steps toward getting your ex boyfriend back. Identify the reason of why you two separated: Before attempting to get your ex boyfriend back, you should realize the real cause of why he doesnt want you anymore. Ask yourself what is different now than the times which everything went well. Are you much fonder of him? Cant you stand without him? Have you started to become more jealous? Understanding the negative change will obviously help you to get your ex boyfriend back quickly as well as keep your relationship healthy. Clean all the bad habits or mistakes of yourself: Make sure you fix the problem within yourself and become the person he had fallen in love with before. Not just to get your ex boyfriend back, but being a better person in the rest of your life. Never make any change on yourself for someone else. Only do it for yourself; dont think about your ex boyfriend as he will already come back when you do this. Forgive everything you have experienced in the past: Before deciding on being together with your ex boyfriend, you must make sure that you really forgive him, yourself (because of your mistakes) and all the negative circumstances between you and him. Forgiveness is unconditional, which means without expecting any return from forgiving. In this way, you can assure you really forgave him. Let some time for recovering your emotions: While you feel pain within your heart, you are not supposed to behave in a proper way. In order to act logically, you must free yourself from negative emotions such as jealousy, anger, sorrow, hopelessness etc. Therefore, you might better if you do not contact him until you calm down and feel good about yourself and the overall circumstances. The quicker you recover yourself the quicker you can get your ex boyfriend back. Now, after taking these steps, you are ready to attempt to get your ex boyfriend back. You know the mistakes that take him away; you fixed your bad habits and weak sides, you forgave everything which broke your heart and you are free from any kind of negative emotions. What you should do at this point is behaving just like yourself with some reliable information on getting your ex boyfriend back.

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